Australian Coronavirus Shutdown

(reasonably reliable source)

However, as with anything I wouldn't take this as truth till it happens here as an FYI just in case.

Country lockdown has been announced; likely to be effective from either Wednesday 18th March or Friday 20 March to 31 March.
  1. Ban on all religious, sporting, social and cultural gatherings.  All business and religious premises to close.  Exemption on groceries, public markets, provision stores.  Restriction on mosques and Islamic events subject to Muzakarah meeting.
  2. Nationwide travel restrictions on all citizens.  Those who have just arrived from abroad must undergo self-quarantine.
  3. All tourists and visitors barred from entry
  4. All public and private schools including kindergartens, nurseries, residential school and other educational institutions to close.
  5. All private and public higher institutions of learning to close.
  6. Closure of all government and private premises except essential services such as water and electricity, telecommunication, postal service, transport, fuel, gas, lubrication, broadcasting, banking, health, pharmacy, fire-fighting, ports, airports, prisons, security and defence, sanitary services, provision and food supply.